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Achieving Flow: John Newton’s Vision for Digital Enterprise

Digital transformation: It’s all about flow.

Digital technology has utterly transformed the business landscape. How employees work. Where value comes from. How to gain an edge. The importance of security. And so much more.

In an environment of anywhere, anytime, and always-on commerce, how can your business leverage technology to extract the most possible value for workers and customers? In a word, flow.

Join Alfresco Co-Founder and CTO John Newton for the webinar Achieving Flow: John Newton’s Vision for Digital Enterprise. He’ll share his views on the critical success factors for any and every enterprise, including:

  • What flow is and why it’s essential in a digital world
  • How to achieve flow among your people, processes, and content
  • How flow is already driving success at forward-thinking organizations

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John Newton
CTO and co-founder, Alfresco