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ActiveMigrate - Seven Steps to Effectively Moving Your Documents to Alfresco

Planning your ECM migration is just as important as selecting and implementing a new ECM system. It’s not something you hastily add to the end of an ECM roll out. In addition, for many companies, the migration step has involved a lengthy process of weeks, months or even years without clarity on where documents might reside at any point in time or the ability to use those documents - something that many companies simply can’t accept and so a decision to switch ECM technologies is postponed.

Join award winning Alfresco partner, Zia Consulting, for this webinar where we discuss the strategy and framework we've developed and termed ActiveMigrate ™. Comprised of seven steps, our effective approach is based on 10+ years of migration experience and countless migration projects. These steps will help you define your business drivers, break down your project into critical components, and ensure that you can continue to utilize your documents throughout the migration process.

The webinar will include:

  • ActiveMigrate Case Studies from both public & private sector
  • Review of ActiveMigrate methodology from Discovery to Auditing
  • Demo of Migration Tools

Following the webinar, all attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Zia's ActiveMigrate Whitepaper "ECM Migration Without Disrupting Your Business".


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