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AIIM and Alfresco Webinar: Modernizing Information Governance

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How do you know if you’re using outdated technologies and inefficient processes to protect and manage your information and records? The best way to tell is if your practices simply aren’t getting the job done. Outdated governance and compliance practices not only make companies like yours more vulnerable to security breaches, but they also make it difficult to locate and access your information. In addition, the lack of transparency can even lead to serious fiscal and organizational consequences.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, according to AIIM research, when it comes to information governance helping to prevent data loss, only 26% of respondents see themselves as “Trailblazers” or ahead of their peers. And 84% of respondents say their company’s information governance policies range from average to poor. So, many of us have room for improvement.

Watch this on-demand webinar, we’ll explore how to improve your information governance efforts with modernization. We’ll share the new best practices on how to administer the complete lifecycle of your information and data by discussing:

  • Automating records management
  • Fully integrate with your business processes
  • Manage records in place
  • Maintain security and regulatory compliance
  • Understand how new technologies can be invaluable as you work to achieve your organizational information management roadmap

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Steve Weissman
The InfoGov Guy™ at Holly Group
Tara Combs
Records Management Specialist at Alfresco