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Alfresco Office Hours: Global Virtual Hack-a-thon for 2015 (April 17)

Office Hours in April will last a full day, as we participate in the Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon. We will start on April 17 at 9AM in Sydney, and hack as much as we can until 6PM in San Francisco. Join us for whatever portion of the day you are available.

Details on how we will run the hack-a-thon are in the Alfresco Wiki. Please suggest your ideas there, and join a team:

We will be collaborating between teams using #alfresco IRC chat at Freenode, and we will be demoing our work using Google Hangouts at this G+ event page.

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Sorry, this event has passed, please check the events & webinars listings for details of upcoming events and webinars.

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