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Round Two of the Integrated Digital Care Fund is here - are you ready?

Alfresco is proud to announce that it has become the latest company to integrate with Unity, the world's first universal health viewer, from Fortrus. This unique combination enables Alfresco to deliver to its customers an agile and innovative Open Source platform with a clinical viewer dedicated to the User Experience.

The implementation of this enables organisations to be part of the Open Source Community, by ensuring an increased movement of digital information, whilst continually improving access to health and social care professionals, service users and carers alike.

Alfresco are combining their powerful open source EDRMS with the unique and intuitive Unity - Unified Health Record Viewer in order to drive out the benefits and value that patients deserve, right at the clinical front line, in collaboration with Trust staff we are able to assist with the production of ‘evidence based ROI studies’ that will ensure valid and proven information sources for all successful Integrated Digital Care Fund applications.

The solution provided will enable organisations to become digitally mature by adding clinical capabilities that they do not currently possess and will enable clinicians to integrate information that more often than not remains housed in unconnected silos across the organisation.

By taking an Open Source approach it will be possible to gain better engagement from clinicians and other frontline users across multiple NHS organisations. The Open Source Community will collaborate in the on-going development and improvement of solutions, Alfresco, currently the only Open Source EDRMS supplier listed under NHS England’s Open Source supplier list, can help NHS organisations work towards becoming part of the Open Source Community.

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