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Alfresco Tech Talk Live #90 - Performance tuning part two

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Tech Talk Live is a monthly, live session devoted entirely to a technical topic related to Alfresco. This month we will dive into part two of Luis Cabaceira's presentation on performance tuning.

Tuning Alfresco for the best performance can be a tricky and complex thing. Luis Cabaceira, Principal consultant at Alfresco will take us through best practices, common mistakes and dive into the world of tuning everything from JVM to Solr.

Please note that this is part two of Luis Cabaceira's presentation, you can watch part one here:

You can register for the event at Google+ to receive a reminder email. You can also watch the event here and participate in the conversation using webchat for our IRC channel. If you post a question to the Google+ event page, we can research the answer before the session, or you can contact us at Otherwise, ask your questions on #Alfresco during the live session.

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