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AT&T’s Mobile Developer Community: Social, Personalized, and Built for Scale

The largest and most successful online communities, websites and applications on the Internet today are social, personalized, and require large-scale content and user data management. 

To create a highly engaged community and resource center for its mobile developers, AT&T is turning to Crafter with Alfresco to respond to content requirements combined with MongoDB to handle data management for the implementation of its next generation Mobile Developer Community. 

Join us for this webinar as we discuss in detail AT&T’s journey in achieving an engaging community site for its Developer Program, including:

  • How Crafter CMS built on Alfresco provides a modern platform for AT&T’s Marketing to take control over the content and user experience
  • How AT&T surpassed basic engagement through connected content that produces more opportunities to engage 
  • How a user data management solution with Crafter Social and MongoDB is designed to scale up to hundreds of millions of data-rich user generated content items, user profiles and other social data types


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