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August Partner Webinar: Product Updates

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Alfresco is excited to announce plans for various product releases planned for the end of the month. To prepare for these releases, please join Paul Hampton, Product Marketing Director, to hear about the exciting enhancements in store for Alfresco Records Management and Alfresco Activiti products.

Alfresco Records Management

Alfresco Records Management version 2.5 will be released at the end of August. This release further drives document security. Learn how customers can extend document security beyond security ACL’s by using:

  • Security Classifications control document security clearance levels
  • Security Marks enable customers to define additional security criteria
  • Security Clearance levels control which documents and records users can access

 Alfresco Activiti

Alfresco Activiti version 1.5 is also being released at the end of August, and some of the new features included with the release include:

  • Tighter Alfresco One integration - Run automated actions from within Alfresco Activiti or use automated rules to initiate processes from Alfresco One
  • Data Integration and Modelling – Support for both Get and PUT of process data to SQL DB
  • Group Manager and Team Management support
  • Visual Forms Enhancements and more!

 Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

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Paul Hampton
Product Marketing Director at Alfresco