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Benefits of a Rolling Migration versus a Big-Bang Migration

When moving to Alfresco, many clients struggle with the cost and effort associated with a “Big-Bang” migration from their Legacy ECM system.  In a “Big-Bang” scenario, all the content must be migrated to the new system during a risky cutover weekend resulting in the following issues:

  • The effort and cost of the migration, along with the time required, can result in migration efforts being deferred based on resources and pushing the benefits of the new system being delayed.
  • Knowledge of the documents contained in the legacy ECM system can have faded particularly over many years of use and upgrades making it difficult to successfully move all documents without some trial and error to identify the unknown documents and attributes.
  • Timing, particularly with large migrations, can affect the length of the cutover weekend.  Timing of user training/adoption was also an issue in that all users had to be moved at once.

One TSG client opted to employ a rolling migration to address the issue with a big bang approach.  With the rolling migration approach:

  • The cost and effort of a large migration did not delay getting the benefits of the new system.
  • Only selective documents are migrated real-time when requested in a rolling approach.  Any surprises with the legacy ECM documents can be addressed by the existing team document by document rather than all documents at once.
  • The cutover weekend can be staged to involve limited users (and hence documents) to avoid the risk of a large cutover weekend.  No content is required in the new system on cutover.

This webinar will present an over-view of the rolling migration approach as well as a live demo.