Alfresco serves as a platform for management of all types of enterprise content -- documents, digital assets, records, Web content, social content, XML, and more. This webinar will focus on detailed technical approaches and considerations for building applications on Alfresco for the authoring, management, publishing, and delivery of Web content. 

We will take a deep technical dive into Alfresco's core foundational content services and discuss best practices for utilizing them to manage the full lifecycle of Web content . We will focus specifically on Alfresco's core repository Library Services, Transformation Services, Metadata Extraction Services, and Publishing Services.

Next we will discuss a variety of approaches for authoring, editing, managing, reviewing, and publishing Web content using Alfresco, and will consider pros and cons of each. Architectural approaches for implementing real-time in-context preview will also be discussed.

We will then review approaches for high performance and scalable delivery of Web content via multiple channels -- websites, mobile apps, social media networks, and more. We will compare and contrast various approaches including integration with third-party systems (e.g., portals, social systems) and dedicated Web applications. 

Finally, we will discuss lessons learned from numerous case studies of real-world implementations.