Data transfer platform for Alfresco – location based caching for multiple company domiciles

Let’s face a typical daily problem of organizations - how can huge data be transmitted when there are multiple company domiciles? Alfresco offers a steady cross-location collaboration through its central documentation management and web based surface. But if a local company has an old or a slow connection, it still can take some time to transmit the data. 

This is the part where it-novum's data transfer platform comes into focus. At each location, we built a data transfer platform to offer employees quick, safe, and easy access to the documents they need. No more time wasting while waiting until the data is downloaded as the data is already cached. The platform is working in the background of Alfresco so that there is no need to activate the platform. 

Learn more about the data transfer platform and how this module can improve your daily work in this webinar.