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Disrupt the Disruptors: How to Stay Ahead of the Game

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We’ve all heard the term “digital disruption” at some point in our careers. Some of us have been on the disruptor side, while others on the side being disrupted. But how can one stay ahead of the game, or rather change the game?

With the explosion of knowledge work, and the ever-increasing need to store, manage and, most importantly, find intellectual property, content management is being recognized as an enterprise-wide need. And, a strategic move to disrupt the game. Join this webinar and hear from thought leaders from Alfresco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they discuss:

  • The need to mitigate both costs and risks with the explosion of unstructured data
  • The need to manage and curtail the data deluge
  • The future of content management
  • How cloud-based ECM deployments can meet or exceed scalability, security and compliance requirements.


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