Enterprise content management systems and enterprise portals naturally complement each other. When combined, numerous business challenges can be solved remarkably better than using just one or the other. When done well, an integrated solution can dramatically augment enterprise collaboration, boost employee productivity, and drive better customer engagement. But when integrating the two, both business objectives and technology constraints must be considered in order to optimize the integrated solution. 

The leading open source ECM and portal platforms are Alfresco and Liferay, and there are potentially hundreds of different approaches toward integrating the two. However, only a few approaches have proven to work well, while many eventually fail.

Rivet Logic, as a Platinum Partner of both Alfresco and Liferay for the last seven years, has successfully integrated the two platforms to achieve significant business results for numerous organizations. In this webinar, we will consider the various approaches for Alfresco/Liferay integration, describe the best practices to follow, highlight open source tools that enable rapid integration, and summarize successful case studies. We will cover the full gamut of use cases, including document management, enterprise collaboration, and web content management.