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External Collaboration (Enterprise to enterprise sync)

Zaizi will be doing quick 10 minute ‘web talks' each and every month demonstrating the latest trends or new technologies.

Join us for the first talk in this session - External Collaboration (Enterprise to enterprise sync)

Alfresco in the cloud allows you to securely share documents and files with people outside an organisation, without allowing public access to its on premise Alfresco instance. But not all organisations can, by law or by choice, store their documents outside their country jurisdiction, or give up full control over hosting and security policies.

For those who cannot take advantage of Alfresco in the cloud, it is entirely possible to customise an Alfresco on premise instance to synchronise to another one, which then will effectively act as a private cloud.

Join Zaizi on this quick demonstration to learn how to:

  • Securely engage and collaborate with external stakeholders, while retaining full control of the system.


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