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How Alfresco Can Improve Efficiency and Flexibility in the Non-Profit and Education Sectors

If you’ve work in the Non-Profit sector, you have most likely experienced the pain of going through piles of documents to search for the file you need. Some of the difficulties faced by organizations today include the frustration to effectively search for the right documents. In addition, it can be challenging to manage huge amounts of documents in the repository. 

In this webinar, we’ll explaining how we were able to help one of Appnovation and Alfresco’s joint customers, Teach for All, to overcome those challenges. You will also learn how the client was able to leverage Appnovation’s Canopy Initiative to map content types from its Drupal to Alfresco. 

Some of the benefits and features we will be discussing will include:

1. Single Sign on using technologies like JASIG CAS for Drupal and Alfresco
2. Using the Canopy module to map dynamic content types from Drupal into Alfresco
3. Sharing form setting for dynamic content types

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