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IGC Brava for Alfresco: Viewing and Collaboration Made Simple

Seamlessly integrated into Alfresco One, IGC Brava!® helps users across the enterprise find and collaborate on the content they need, quickly. Learn how Brava makes it easy to view, annotate and redact on content in virtually any file format, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, CAD drawings, images and more—all from within a single, intuitive interface.

Key benefits for your business:

  • Increase productivity. Knowledge workers waste a lot of time trying to find the information they need to do their jobs. With Brava, thumbnail page views within Alfresco search results and document lists and integrated search that carries through to the document view make accessing specific content quick and easy.
  • Save money. With Brava, one viewer does it all. There’s no need to buy and maintain multiple native applications for every desktop.
  • Simplify collaboration. Users across the enterprise can view, mark up and comment on documents and drawings under review. Stamps can indicate status like FINAL or REVIEWED, or pull in information such as the date or user name.
  • Streamline workflows. Brava is seamlessly integrated into the Alfresco interface; users can access all Alfresco functions while viewing and annotating a document. In addition, users can launch Brava and view documents directly from Alfresco workflows.
  • Protect sensitive content. Easy-to-use redaction tools let users remove privacy data and other sensitive information, then create an easily distributable PDF or TIFF.
  • Cross-platform HTML5 viewer. Users can review and annotate documents within any major web browser—on PCs, Macs and even the Apple® iPad®.

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