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Increase Your Marketing Productivity with the Marketing Asset Center for Alfresco

The Digital Marketing landscape continues to transform in the form of content marketing, big data, mobile marketing, and social media. All of this equates to an abundance of digital marketing assets – audio, video, images, documents, corporate communications, campaign assets, and more – which need to be effectively managed and distributed to various stakeholders – sales teams, employees, partners, customers, remote offices, and others.

The Marketing Asset Center provides a powerful and easy way for enterprises to manage and distribute all their digital marketing assets through a centralized way to:

Join us for this webinar and learn how your organization can leverage this solution to:

  • Create, manage and repurpose all digital marketing assets
  • Distribute assets securely to all stakeholders
  • Quickly find assets through advanced search functionality
  • Collaborate on content creation, management, and re-purposing
  • Deliver marketing assets across all digital channels 
  • Provide end users with a personalized experience based on their user role
  • Ensure brand integrity and messaging consistency
  • Improve access to critical assets
  • Increase marketing productivity and accelerate production cycles
  • Drive higher sales effectiveness
  • Enable global simultaneous campaign rollouts
  • Streamline marketing and sales coordination
  • Achieve controlled customization