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Insurance Policy and Claim Processing - Adding Modern ECM to Your Existing Claim and Policy System

Many Insurance providers currently have existing infrastructure for claim and policy data management built and enhanced over decades of successful and critical day to day processing of customers information.  As the systems have evolved, many have been extended with basic document processing capabilities via rudimentary image and document storage leveraging the same data infrastructure.  Providers would like the ability to keep their successful data processing capabilities while easily leveraging new and updated tools for document processing.

This webinar will present how TSG and Alfresco can easily extend existing Policy and/or Claim Systems with robust document capabilities and a modern interface.  Document processing capabilities highlighted will include:

·       Transparent access from existing data systems

·       Intuitive browser based Policy and Claim interfaces

·       Easy Capture and Filing of email, documents, third party hosted and other documents for inbound communication

·       Robust export, email and print capabilities for outbound communication

·       Migration options for reduced implementation costs and efforts

The webinar will present both a case study as well as a live demonstration of the software that is currently available for other Alfresco clients at no additional charge.


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