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Integrating SAP and Alfresco with Connexas, Alfresco Certified Solution

Joining structured (SAP) and living (Alfresco) content is a strong demand for the daily business in big enterprises.
In this webinar we will show you the options SAP offers in combination with the certified standard product ( to seamlessly integrate SAP to Alfresco. Based on use cases (connexas is installed worldwide for more than 6 years), we will also demonstrate document related scenarios as well as the migration from existing SAP Archives.

If you have questions like…

  • How to integrate Alfresco with SAP?
  • How to do this in a fast and certified standard approach?
  • Are there new features available?
  • Which scenarios/uses cases can be covered (HR employee folder, purchasing documents, invoice management, etc)?
  • How to migrate your existing SAP-Archives like FileNet, OpenText, (SAP or IBM) Content Manager


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