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Invoice Processing: Simple, Smart and Highly Automated

The webinar with our partners Ephesoft and pernexas will demonstrate how the combination of Ephesoft/Alfresco/connexas/SAP can fasten your invoice processing by eliminating manual tasks with automated process steps.

The webinar covers the capturing and recognition (OCR) of invoices (paper, email, fax, …) with Ephesoft, the managing by Alfresco and the processing in SAP (connected via connexas). We will cover invoices with and without purchase orders.

We intend to answer questions like:

  • How can we manage our incoming invoices?
  • Can we handle invoices with purchase orders?
  • Which steps can be automated?
  • Can we book invoices completely automated?
  • What´s about line items?
  • How do the components work together?

Ephesoft as well as connexas (SAP-Alfresco interface) are Alfresco certified products. connexas is in addition certified by SAP. In a live demo we will process an invoice from receiving the invoice up to the final booking in SAP.


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