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Modernisation ​o​f ECM ​in Government

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Government departments across the country are confronting a new reality.  Feeling the pinch of dwindling budgets, re-evaluating IT spend on legacy ECM systems is fast becoming a strong focal point of conversation as part of the ‘Digital by Default’ strategy.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)  have embraced this change and are enthusiastic about their new working practices, having engaged with Alfresco and Zaizi to replace, migrate and improve their Electronic Documents and Records Management solution.

Key outcomes for this webinar:

Major considerations before starting; 

  • Determining projects and objectives - Having this agreed across the organisation
  • Project feasibility
  • Building the team and setting accountabilities
  • Choosing a commercial partner

Communications & Change management - Getting user buy-in;

  • How this was managed at BIS – How users were considered in the change  
  • Challenges faced from changing their systems 
  • Outcomes and benefits achieved


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