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No Longer a Luxury, BPM Is Imperative to Business Operations

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Feeling stuck in your current processes? Compliance errors holding back the business? According to newly published AIIM research, these are, unfortunately, common scenarios – but it doesn’t have to be.

Join AIIM’s chief analyst Bob Larrivee as he features some of the latest findings from our research. He’ll put the following issues into context to help your business thrive:

  • What are your business imperatives?
  • Learn how to identify your challenges so you can get out of your been-doing-it-this-way-so-it-must-be-right ruts
  • Reduce review and approval cycles to boost productivity gains
  • The value of incorporating cloud and mobile strategies
  • Identify who should lead the initiatives and who are the decision makers

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Bob Larrivee
VP of Market Intelligence & Chief Analyst, AIIM
Adam Storch
Vice President Business Solutions, Micro Strategies