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Office Hours with John Newton (Sep 25)

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Join us for another live session of Alfresco Office Hours, where you get to meet the people that create the Alfresco products, ask questions, and discuss their work.

In this session we talk with John Newton, CTO and co-founder of Alfresco. He not only sets the technical vision for Alfresco, but his ideas have influenced the broader document management industry and the future of enterprise software generally. In addition to your questions, we plan to discuss the future of Alfresco products and how they will change the future of work.

Much of the interview will be conducted by two community contributors, Cristina Martín Ruiz and Boriss Mejias.

You can register for the event at Google+ to receive a reminder email. You can also watch the event here and participate in the conversation using webchat to connect to the Alfresco channel. If you post a question to the Google+ event page, we can research the answer before the session, or you can contact us at Otherwise, ask your questions during the live session in the chat channel.

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John Newton
CTO & Co-Founder at Alfresco