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Get Process & Content Talking to Unlock Business Value (MSI)

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Webinar: John Newton and Sandy Kemsley discuss how integrating process & content will help you digitally transform  


On July 24th, join us for a webinar with two industry trailblazers, John Newton and Sandy Kemsley where you'll learn about the benefits of effectively integrating process and content to accelerate digital transformation. You'll benefit from expert advice and strategies on optimizing business processes such as case management, claims management, customer onboarding, employee engagement and more! A live Q&A will follow the webinar where you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions.


John Newton, Alfresco Founder and CTO

Sandy Kemsley, Leading tech analyst and Founder of Column 2


Tips you'll learn:

  • Common use cases for hybrid process/content applications
  • Best practices for system design—what to do and what NOT to do
  • Architectural considerations, including the benefits of microservices and the cloud


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John Newton
Founder & CTO, Alfresco
Sandy Kemsley
Analyst and Founder, Column 2