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Disrupt the Disruptors: How to Stay Ahead of the Game

We’ve all heard the term “digital disruption” at some point in our careers. Some of us have been on the disruptor side, while others on the side being disrupted. But how can one stay ahead of the game, or rather change the game?

Genesys & Alfresco: A Custom Hybrid Solution

Genesys makes software for great experiences for contact centers. With over 40 writers writing 50,000 pages of online content, Genesys found that they were having an issue with storing the content and making the documentation available to their customers inside and outside the firewall.

Alfresco Tech Talk Live #92 - Content Model Manager

Tech Talk Live is a monthly, live session devoted entirely to a technical topic related to Alfresco. This month we will have a look at Content Model Manager, a new feature that will be introduced in our upcoming Alfresco One 5.1 release.