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Simplify Records Management to Ensure Project Success: A User-centric Approach

Records management (RM) is a necessary part of the content lifecycle for many organizations, particularly those that need to comply with content retention-related regulations.  Yet RM efforts have too often failed to meet objectives due to system complexity, poor user experiences and end-user re

Moving to EasyECM - Migration Solutions with Alfresco

Many enterprises and government agencies are looking to move from away from the legacy ECM systems that have failed to deliver on the promises of the past.  They are looking for modernization solutions to address issues with existing ECM systems including:

Workdesk At Work: Marketing Presentations

The Workdesk at Work webinar series is aimed at helping executives, managers and architects better understand how Alfresco Workdesk can be used to help streamline content-centric processes that have been difficult to model using traditional content management solutions.

How to Build Engaging Websites with Modern Front-End Technologies

You already know Crafter CMS makes it super easy to manage enterprise web content and experience. You may be surprised however to learn it also makes it super easy for your web team to create new and engaging functionality by supporting the web application frameworks of their choice.