Webinar Recordings

Zia Consulting: Paper-to-Mobile Solutions with Alfresco

You have a content everywhere problem.  Your content is distributed across your Enterprise, stored in corporate applications from ERP to CRM to ECM and coming into your mailroom as paper, fax or via email.

Using Alfresco for Controlled Documentation with TSG

Every organization has Controlled Documentation - SOPs, Contracts, Marketing Materials, Legal Documents, etc. Most organizations struggle with management, publishing updates, validate changes, ensure compliance, and more.

Tech Talk Live: Content Type and Form Design Tools (Episode 53)

Our topic for April will be content type and form design tools. We will be discussing the tools freely available at addons.alfresco.com that can help you create and maintain content models and forms quickly and easily without hand-coding XML.

Easy Document Indexing in Alfresco

Scanning and manually indexing one or two documents a day is no problem, and there are expensive OCR solutions that will handle tens of thousands of documents each a day. But what about those of us stuck in the middle?

Formtek Software Extensions for Alfresco

Join Formtek for a presentation and live demonstration of five new software extensions designed to increase the capabilities and productivity of your Alfresco implementation: