As customers store more and more information in their Alfresco content hubs, search and discovery of content becomes important. Alfresco comes bundled with Apache Lucene and Apache Solr for search. Although these provide full text capabilities, they do not have the scalability and functionality of the newer cloud scalable search software such as Apache Solr Cloud 4, Elastic Search and Amazon Cloud Search. Also, with bundled solutions searching across multiple Alfresco instances is quite a challenge and any of the possible approaches are not good enough to be production ready.

In this webinar Zaizi will demonstrate how Zaizi Intelligent Search solution can be used to index and search content stored in Alfresco, any other CMIS repository or file system using either Apache Solr Cloud 4, Elastic Search or Amazon Cloud Search, while still ensuring the confidentiality of the documents based on the permissions configured in Alfresco or any other repositories.