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Secure archiving of SAP documents with Alfresco via connexas and solutions from Westernacher

For many companies, archiving SAP documents in a legally compliant way becomes increasingly challenging and more expensive.

That’s why companies often do not consider extending the capabilities of their archiving solutions to make their processes more efficient. Should all your different types of business documents really be archived separately, without referencing financial planning and other customer-related business documents? To be able to make good decisions fast, it is vital to have a deep integration of all available business information in order to get the full picture. Therefore, the just-in-time access to a delivery note or an invoice is necessary, and that even without switching applications.
In this webinar, specialists of pernexas and Westernacher will demonstrate how easy different archiving scenarios can be implemented based on Alfresco in a cost-efficient way. You will learn how to go beyond the basics of just filing your business documents in a legally compliant way. We will show you our comprehensive solution to consolidate your data and make it accessible within one single information platform. That will save you not only time and money but also open up new possibilities of getting holistic views of your business objects e.g. "customer files" and thereby enable your team to pursue new opportunities.

We are looking forward to your participation.

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Martin Kappel
Senior Solutions Engineer, Alfresco
Bernhard Werner
Senior Consultant, Westernacher Products & Services AG
Volker Bläsig
CEO, pernexas GmbH