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Secure Collaboration: Data-Centric Document Security for Alfresco

Through a strategic partnership with Covertix, the leader in Document Security, Zia delivers SecureCollaboration whether it's via email, Alfresco Cloud, or even consumer sharing technologies such as Dropbox or In this webinar, we will discuss Secure Collaboration for:

  • Internal Documents - from employee records to sales data to corporate M&A documents, learn how to secure your enterprise
  • External Documents - solving the "Dropbox" problem (or or Google Docs), learn how to allow for simple external collaboration without sacrificing security

The webinar will include a demo of Zia's Covertix integration with Alfresco.

Covertix's patented SmartCipher solutions enable internal and external parties to share confidential files with monitoring, auditing and control - significantly reducing overall risk. Their SmartCipher™ products are used by a wide variety of public and private tier-one enterprise customers around the world.


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