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September Partner Webinar: Activiti Roadmap & Alfresco One Integrations Update

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Alfresco is excited to share updates to our Activiti Roadmap & Alfresco One’s integrations. Please join John Sotiropoulos, VP of Applications, Paul Roth, VP BPM, to discuss the Activiti plan and roadmap, then Timmy Nielsen, Associate Product Marketing Manager, to hear about the exciting updates in store for Alfresco One Integrations.


Activiti Roadmap

Recently, Alfresco released Alfresco Activiti version 1.5, and we would like to discuss with you our Roadmap for the future of this product & some of the new features included with the release.


Alfresco One’s Integrations

These new & updated integrations take content management to the next level. Some of the updates are:

  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization can work in their preferred environment, while having access to every piece of content at all times
  • Providing increased ECM user adoption, more productivity and more efficient processes
  • The Outlook Connector integrates Outlook with Alfresco One, and makes it possible for employees to work with all content stored in Alfresco directly within their Outlook inbox.
  • Alfresco’s Content Connector ensures that Salesforce users can work with content housed in the Alfresco repository directly in Salesforce.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the webinar! 

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Timmy Nielsen
Associate Product Marketing Manager, Alfresco
John Sotiropoulos
VP of Applications, Alfresco
Paul Roth
VP BPM, Alfresco