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Targeting User Adoption with Sharepoint, Office, & Outlook Integration for Alfresco

The legacy of ECM systems is one of complexity, with challenging user interfaces (UI's), multiple logins, and more - which is why for most organizations email applications and shared drives are still the dominant form of “content management” and why many ECM technologies are best known as “shelfware”. But there is an alternative, offering users a content management system that works the way they do already, allowing them to use the tools they are already using.

Join award winning Alfresco partner, Zia Consulting, for this webinar where we outline our Easy ECM Solutions (TM), powered by Alfresco, that deliver rapid user adoption, so users aren't forced towards alternatives that don't fit your Enterprise IT strategy. We will specifically cover Alfresco's role as the content hub for:

  • Sharepoint as a Collaboration Tool
  • Office for Document Creation & Processing
  • Outlook for Document Workflow & External Collaboration