Tech Talk Live 81: Alfresco as a Model-Based Engineering Environment (Dec 3)

Join us for Tech Talk Live, Episode 81. This month Christopher Delp will introduce us to the open source project created by his team at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories for modeling engineering systems within Alfresco. This is an uncommon use of the Alfresco repository, and learning about it helped me to better understand the capabilities of the system and its flexibility.

JPL takes an integrated approach to systems engineering. The Model-Based Engineering Environment (MBEE) is a means of supporting the systems engineering (SE) of space missions. The Europa and Mars2020 pre- are using MBSE to develop systems models of their respective Europa and Mars missions. This is necessary since the complexity of spacecraft as well as SE practices have significantly increased with newer missions. MBSE utilizes the systems models as the formal authoritative source for systems engineering products ensuring that the products are self-consistent and mutually correspondent. The system models constructed represent the whole range of systems engineering products from mission and flight systems concepts and designs to project systems representations.

This session will cover the current Model-Based Engineering Environment being used by projects at JPL and the work being done to develop and deploy the full MBEE. We will discuss the flight project scenarios that are currently driving the development of the MBEE and the needs that have developed out of supporting that work with the current deployment. We will also discuss the trades performed to determine the technology for deployment, the implementation and extension of SysML on a non-UML platform and the user experience studies and testing used to improve the SysML model development experience.