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Tech Talk Live 82: Upgrading to Alfresco 5.0 (Jan 8)

Tech Talk Live 82: Upgrading to Alfresco 5.0

Tech Talk Live is a monthly, live session devoted entirely to a technical topic related to Alfresco. The topic for this month's discussion is upgrading your current installation of Alfresco to the recent Alfresco 5.0 release. As a major release, Alfresco 5.0 has some significant changes including upgrading the index to Solr 4 and the removal of deprecated features. To help you prepare for the upgrade, we put together a panel that includes:

  • Philip Jones, the systems administrator responsible for our internal Alfresco installation,
  • Steve Rigby, a devops engineer responsible for upgrading our installation of Alfresco in the cloud,
  • Angel Borroy, an Alfresco Certified Engineer and Community Edition integrator,
  • and Tony Parzgnat, an Alfresco Certified Administrator and developer at Alfresco Certified Partner TSG.

You can register for the event at Google+ to receive a reminder email. You can also watch the event here and participate in the conversation using webchat for our IRC channel. If you post a question to the Google+ event page, we can research the answer before the session, or you can contact us at Otherwise, ask your questions on #Alfresco during the live session.

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