Tech Talk Live Episode 87: Updates on Alfresco Platform with Gabriele Columbro and Peter Monks (July 1)

Tech Talk Live is a monthly, live session devoted entirely to a technical topic related to Alfresco. This month, Gabriele Columbro, Product Manager for Alfresco's developer experience, and Peter Monks, Product Manager for Alfresco's administrator experiences will give an in-depth update on Alfresco's strategy for improving the developer experience. They will discuss the current direction of the engineering team and investments Alfresco is making with initiatives like the improved SDK, release agility, enhancements to the API's, module stability, extreme scalability, changes in product status in the upcoming fall release, upgrade task force, and SAML 2.0.

You can register for the event at Google+ to receive a reminder email. You can also watch the event here and participate in the conversation using webchat for our IRC channel. If you post a question to the Google+ event page, we can research the answer before the session, or you can contact us at Otherwise, ask your questions on #Alfresco during the live session.