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Universal Search from within Alfresco & Beyond

We’ve all been in the situation where we know we have a file or a fact buried in our documents, but we just can’t remember where we put it. Or we remember where we saved it, but it is in a different application than the one we are currently working in. And we go from repository to repository, or app to app, or look in our email files looking for that hidden gem…Frustration sets in.

Attend our webinar and see how Alfresco’s technology partner, VirtualWorks, solves this problem from within Alfresco. The product that does this, ViaWorks, is Alfresco-certified and enables users to search within Alfresco, within different instances of Alfresco, and beyond – accessing data in SharePoint, Exchange, OpenText and legacy application repositories. All results are displayed in a single interface that can be refined down to deliver exactly what you need.

Attend the webinar and learn about the product and also register for a trial version of the ViaWorks software.


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