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Web Talk | Speeding Up Alfresco and Share using Nginx Reverse/Caching Frontend Proxy

Installing Alfresco is just a piece in the puzzle of the whole architecture. The ability to scale Alfresco and integrate it with other applications for improving performance is key in current production systems, which need to attend to a vast number of user requests. Learn the benefits of putting a NginX server on top of Alfresco. In this 10 minute technical web talk you will learn:

1) What is a process based Server and an event based Server with Examples (Apache and Nginx)

2) Hardware Resources Comparisons needed for Apache and Nginx

3) Caching Ability of Nginx over Apache

4) Performance and Speed comparison of Nginx over Apache

5) Key Features of Nginx which is needed for Alfresco

6) Summarizing Nginx Proxy and Caching Configurations for Alfresco

7) Troubleshooting Alfresco / Nginx caching issues


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