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Zia Loan Automation System (LAS) featuring Alfresco & Zia OneView

New regulatory requirements and enhanced oversight, combined with industry consolidation and restructuring, have pushed banks to look for solutions that can improve a wide range of business processes related to mortgage documents.   And with the size of an average mortgage loan at over 500 pages, and hundreds of different document types, the labor intensive and costly methods of processing loan documents used in the past are no longer possible for banks that want to compete.  

Zia has experience providing document automation solutions to a wide range of enterprises across the entire mortgage industry, which we have used to create our ZiaOne Loan Automation System (LAS) featuring:

  • Automated document processing from ANY source, in ANY form, of ANY type
  • Borrowers Supporting Documents to Closing Documents
  • Integration with your LOS not replacing it
  • Zia OneView for end-to-end analytics

In addition to an overview of the ZiaOne LAS, the webinar will include an in-depth demonstration of Zia OneView, providing advanced analytics and reporting, from initiation to closing, including:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Integration
  • Reporting Systems Integration
  • Compliance Systems Integration


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