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New Le Havre Harbor ECM Solution Revolutionizes Document Management and Collaboration for 1,500 Global Users

Since its founding in 1517, HAROPA Le Havre Harbor has welcomed the King’s galleons, “golden age” ocean liners, post-oil-embargo supertankers and supersized container-carriers of the 21st century.

Today, its network of over 30,000 people across 300 business activities services—directly or indirectly—6,000 ships a year.


Le Havre Harbor’s existing document management solutions—Taurus for press documents and Advitium for AutoCAD plans—were insufficient to meet its expanding requirements, hurting user productivity.

Taurus and Advitium did not cover a significant number of the content held within the organization. Document searches were slow and inefficient and resulted in multiple versions of the same document. Users also found it difficult to share large files inside and outside of the company. Finally, the two applications lacked collaborative features.


Alfresco was selected out of several document management solutions considered. Key reasons included its rapid implementation, its ease of use— allowing users to take immediate ownership—and its ability to seamlessly integrate and share information with other solutions.

Le Havre Harbor found the Alfresco solution easy to use and implement. After only a one-month POC, the solution went into production with a group of typical users.

The IT department quickly rolled it out to the whole company, thus meeting another key objective. Three hundred users were trained on the solution. For the remaining 1,500 users, a presentation along with a self-training guide were enough to make them self-sufficient and comfortable with Alfresco.

Users also transferred to Alfresco documents that had been kept elsewhere, demonstrating their appreciation for the new solution’s value.

“Thanks to its usability, users have taken ownership of the solution in a very short time, which is important for a company” says Vincent Lozouet, collaborative systems project manager with Le Havre Harbor.

To keep the harbor in close contact with its numerous partners throughout the world, 800 external users were invited to Alfresco collaborative sites that provide multilingual support (English, Japanese, etc.).

Despite specific developments, migrating from version 3.2 to version 4.2 was problem-free because Alfresco is based on open standards.


Alfresco’s document management capabilities helped Le Havre Harbor become ISO 9001 accredited and become the first ISO 28000-certified harbor.

Today, a new collaborative site is created every time a project is started within the company, providing project-specific information and tools such as blogs and wikis. Users are highly mobile—within the harbor and throughout the world—and appreciate having access to Alfresco 24/7 via any Internet-connected device. Vincent Lozouet concludes: “Alfresco is a breath of fresh air for a company’s workforce.”

"Thanks to Alfresco's usability, users have taken ownership of the solution in a very short time, which is important for a company”

- Vincent Lozouet, Collaborative Systems Project Manager