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GC 44 retained the Alfresco solution. Smile, the leading European open source integrator, implemented the application.

Special attention was paid to the ergonomics of the application: being a management application, all screens had to be simple and correspond to the expected business. This is why the application is based on a REST architecture and was developed with the Spring-Surf framework as the Alfresco overlay.

Context and Issues

The Human Resources Department of the Loire Atlantique General Council managed the administrative file for each agent on paper, with banners and filing cabinets. With 5000 agent files containing about a hundred documents, or about 500,000 documents, this management became complex.

The GC 44 wanted to dematerialize all the HR documents of an agent (promotion letter, sick leave, evaluation sheet, etc.), to facilitate day-to-day management, particularly at the level of research (a file, a document).

The perimeter of the first phase of the project included the following functionalities:

  • Management of agent files (creation, modification)
  • Document management (addition, classification, modification and deletion)
  • Management of advanced search interfaces
  • Management of the nomenclature (all the nomenclature can be parameterized and modified)
  • Management of users and authorizations

Solution implemented

Have been technically implemented:

  • The creation of an interface with the HR application (HRAccess)
  • The implementation of an OCR tool integrated into the application. As soon as a document is added, it is automatically sent to an Abbyy Software Recognition (OCR) solution. This allows users to search the content of documents
  • Management of PDF / A for reasons of format sustainability
  • An import interface of the history of the folders, several tens of Go

The second phase of the project allowed agents to consult their file directly.

« Nous recherchions une application capable de gérer plusieurs milliers de documents. Smile nous a accompagnés dans le déploiement de cet outil afin de relever les divers challenges du projet : l’ergonomie, la technique et la volumétrie. Alfresco a répondu à nos attentes tant en terme de volumétrie que de facilité de prise en main de l’outil » — Philippe Cognée, chef du Service solutions et innovations numériques