Advancing the Digital Flow of Government Business with Micro Service Architectures (MSA)

A GovLoop Industry Brief

IT modernization is one of the most talked about topics in government and is on the must-do list of every agency leader. But with budgets shrinking, how can agencies find a better way to implement modern technologies and solutions?

The answer is simple – consolidation. Leave behind the legacy IT woes (and pricetag) with an integrated approach using a modern Micro Service Architecture (MSA).

Prioritizing Content Management Modernization

A GovLoop Industry Brief

Identifying where to start with IT modernization efforts can be a challenging task. But, content management modernization is a low-hanging fruit project that can yield immediate results including improved cyber posture, cost-savings, and increased operational efficiency.

Download the new industry brief from Alfresco and GovLoop to learn more about why content management modernization should be a top priority for every agency!

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451 Research: Alfresco enters 2017 with new partners, prepares next-generation offerings

“Alfresco closed out 2016 with an array of announcements that beefed up its enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) platforms, enhanced its records management security, linked up closer to Salesforce, expanded its deployment options to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and created a partnership to extend its content capture capacities. The pioneering ECM and BPM vendor is readying its offerings as a uniform platform to enable enterprises to quickly build and rapidly adapt secure content-centric business process applications.”

Digital Transformation of the Customer Journey in the Global Insurance Industry

What steps are forward-looking insurers taking to deliver digitally transformed, great customer experiences?

This IDC Insurance Financial Insights white paper "Digital Transformation of the Customer Journey in the Global Insurance Industry", sponsored by Alfresco, examines the top drivers of digital transformation for insurers, including:

Government White Paper: Advancing the Digital Flow of Government Business

Helping the government maximize productivity by quickly, seamlessly, and intuitively connecting people, processes, and information

The government-wide legacy IT conundrum is rapidly becoming an epidemic. Despite billions of dollars spent over the past decade, many agencies still lack modern technology solutions capable of keeping up with the digital flow of the new modern world.

Don’t let your agency or the citizens you serve get left behind the curve. Start with something that can produce tangible results - quickly and cost-effectively.