Wrocław, Poland

We would like to invite you to participate in the EOIF GigaCon conference, which will be held in Wrocław, Poland, Hotel Orbison on the 30th of October. 

During the event representatives from leading companies on the market will present their solutions and will offer tools to streamline and automate activities related to enterprise content management. 

The conference is planned to summon 100 attendees, all interested in the subject of business information flow, representing various expertise levels. 

Proposed session topics 

  • OCR/OMR systems
  • Fax systems
  • inter/intra/extranet corporate portals
  • Groupware systems
  • Mobile solutions
  • Document flow management
  • Data archiving solutions
  • Mass printing
  • PKI – electronic documents
  • e-invoicing
  • Workflow - Business Process Management
  • Back-office tools  


The conference is targeted at a wide range of consumer using or planning to deploy processing, storage and information and document flow technologies : 
• IT, banking and financials, industry, telecommunications, insurance, services, and administration sectors, 
• People responsible for selecting and purchasing new products and technologies, designing, building and developing information flow systems in businesses and institutions: memeber of the board, CIOs, project managers, project members, system engineers, analysts, systems administrators. 

Attendees will be supplied with a set of conference materials, can take advantage of coffee breaks, and may attend selected workshops and topics sessions.