Fresh Capture

Solution Name: 
Fresh Capture
Works with Alfresco: 
4.0, 3.4, 3.3

Fresh Capture allows scan operators to process and scan up to 20 (varies by operator) different documents per day. This solution does not have an annual fee, per-page count cost and is intended to be a low-cost solution for organizations looking to move to electronic documents.

Fresh Capture is easy to extend and provides quality control over scan quality, easy assignment of meta-data and can be extended to integrate with backend databases or ERP systems to look up vital information.

  • Leverages inexpensive desktop scanning and OCR software
  • Low Cost, no annual fee
  • Reduces paper storage cost
  • Minimize manual entry of metadata for scanned documents
  • Minimize electronic file misplacement
Alfresco Supported Stack
Requires Additional Server Software Install
Licensing Model: 
Enterprise – Email for details
Version History: 
v1.0 – July 2010
Support Option: 
Supported by Solution Provider
Support Contact(s): 

Mike Mahon,
+1 303 443 4004 x203