Trondheim, Norway
30 octobre 2012 - 1 novembre 2012

Digital reality is changing and it is more obvious than ever before that end users are pushing the limits of enterprise information systems. They do this by using social media, mobile devices and cloud services. And they expect the enterprise business applications to be as easy to use as the consumer products in the cloud, like Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox. On the other hand, IT-departments despair when they have to govern for audit, security and availabiltiy for this new reality.

At the same time, many organizations use highly complex solutions for the information management. These solutions are ofte propriatory licensed and tied to specific platforms that offer significant challenges for those who want to break the lock-in. In addition, the systems has often grown to include both storage, business logic and user interfaces for many different end-user applications. The result is often excessive complexity and solutions focus on something other than what they were originally intended.

We want to change. We want to give users the ability to work effectively. We want to give the IT department peace to sleep well at night. We want to revolutionize the Norwegian market for information management.

Join Redpill Linpro at Nokios 2012 to learn about our vision for Noark5 compliant solutions and the future of Norwegian public sector information management.