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Elixir Technologies Customer Story

Elixir Technologies tangos with Alfresco to develop next generation client communication software


  • First to market a fully integrated web-based document management solution for the client communication, document composition and print stream conversion markets
  • Cited as a Strong Performer in Document Output Customer Communications by Forrester Research, Inc. in its September 2011 report “The Forrester Wave™: Document Output for Customer Communications Management, Q3 2011”


Elixir Technologies is the developer of Tango, a collaborative document output customer communication platform able to integrate and manage the people and processes associated with creation, management, and delivery of highly personalized content including printed documents, email, web pages, and to mobile devices. Modules include design and layout, data management, business logic, production, and content management and archival which use Alfresco. These modules are integrated with Tango’s workflow component providing collaboration and control at all levels — all accessible from a browser.

Since 1985, Elixir has been providing software to help businesses create and manage high-volume documents and today thousands of customers worldwide use Elixir software. Tango is Elixir’s platform that allows these activities to move entirely to the web. This removes the need for locally installed software and allows any authorized user access to the system.

Tango connects all the processes and people together easily through web-modules and utilizes Alfresco to provide the controls and management necessary to ensure content is versioned, available as needed and provides an archival module.


After evaluating multiple open source document management solutions, Elixir selected Alfresco Enterprise as the best fit to integrate with its next generation solution, Tango. Alfresco Enterprise offered complete enterprise content management functionality in a stable product release backed by a leading company with a trusted management team and strong technical support. Other open source technologies only offered subsets of the functionality required, community releases and lacked technical services.

Once Elixir selected Alfresco as its third party tool, it began discussing an OEM partnership. Elixir was impressed with Alfresco’s partner organization and willingness to help Elixir achieve its goals with Tango. Working with Alfresco on the OEM partnership further convinced Elixir that Alfresco was the right partner and technology.

Alfresco offers Tango rich functionality with document management capabilities, image management, a content repository and Web content management features. Leveraging Alfresco’s APIs, Elixir’s development team was able to easily integrate document management functionality into the newly architected Tango offering and allow all types of content to be utilized across any client communication — paper or electronic.

Elixir used its own development team to do the integration without the need to hire additional experts or rely heavily on the Alfresco support team. Because Alfresco used open standards, Java and XML, the Elixir developers could use existing skillsets. Elixir estimates it took only a few months to integrate Alfresco into Tango and begin layering its own technology on top of it.

With Alfresco seamlessly embedded in Tango, Elixir can offer its customers tight controls on content and versioning for tracking the availability and use of any discrete content element. All content stored in Tango is maintained in an Alfresco repository, thus making it easy to access, manage, and account for.

By using a Web-based architecture and adding in document management capabilities, Elixir is able to offer Tango as individual components rather than a ‘one size fits all’ package. Design, content creation, data management, and logic creation is presented in a separate interface allowing companies to divide the work efficiently and license exactly what they need.


Elixir released Tango in March 2011 with strong industry and customer support. Tango is the only solution in its client communication market to offer fully integrated content management functionality and be entirely Web-based. Tango has achieved zero footprint on the client system by extending the user interface in the browser while also reducing the overall costs related to the hardware and software required for application development, document creation, data management, and all other tasks related to the development of high-value client communications. Tango has replaced Elixir’s well established client-server software solutions offering the same functionally via a web interface.

With integrated document management functionality, customers are able to design and create new documents faster, route them to production more easily, and distribute using email, the web, as well as print. Using the advanced workflows provided by Alfresco, customers have more control over process and can ensure that each communication meets company policies or external regulations.

For example, insurance organizations using Tango can ensure that specific clauses are included in any client communications with the confidence that each element on the document is the proper version.

Tango has also opened up new market opportunities for Elixir. Traditionally Elixir had sold its products to document services and technical departments. Tango offers a broader enterprise solution that is valuable to line-of-business managers including those from marketing, legal, production, and IT departments. Elixir also provides customized vertical solutions for healthcare, government, finance, education, retail, and others.

With the help of Alfresco, Elixir now supports and connects every activity and business process in the document workflow including print, web publishing, and archival while still servicing thousands of original customers using legacy print systems. Customers can now access Tango and develop or publish content anytime, anywhere, and to any channel.

“Integrating Alfresco into Tango has helped differentiate us in the market and given us a distinct competitive advantage. Through our partnership, we are able to provide customers leading document management technology to manage every aspect of their client communications. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Alfresco.”

— Sajid Ali, Product Manager, Elixir Technologies Corporation