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Advanced Capture Team

Niveau partenaire:Premier
Type de Partenaire:Systems Integrator
Couverture:United States

The Advanced Capture Team was founded by industry leading consultants. Advanced Capture’s primary charter is building a customer focused Consulting and Systems Integrations firm.
Advanced Capture's consultants are recognized in North American for solving complex Invoice Processing, Enterprise Capture and Content Management, Business Intelligence and related business issues for global companies. In addition to Professional Services, Advanced Capture is a premier reseller of a select group of “best of breed” software applications.
Our team members have experience working “hand in hand” with Fortune 1000 companies designing and deploying large enterprise scale projects, in numerous industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Government, Education, and many others. This experience has enabled the team to develop best practices in designing and implementing advanced capture technology and workflow systems. A custom tailored set of Software Support and Application Support Outsourcing offerings are available based on customer need to enable a long term business partnership.

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