Organisations use Alfresco as a global content hub to store all their documents. All these documents contain unstructured textual information. Searching through these documents is not very effective because they are not linked to each other like on the internet. The explicit and implicit knowledge contained within the text is not searchable. It is possible to tag these documents with meta-data, but this is manual and cumbersome. 

Zaizi are excited to demonstrate tools and online services that together with it's partners provide to enable organisations using Alfresco to enrich their unstructured documents and contents with semantic annotations by extracting organisations' domain entities and relations between entities that can be incorporated in a corporative Knowledge Base.

Examples of this include legal and financial services specific annotations. The enriched content can then be linked with back-office systems and with the Linked Data Cloud. This can be used to provide intelligent search solutions, business intelligence, automatic classification and recommendation. 

Join Zaizi to hear about the launch of the new tools and services available to you to start using semantic solutions within your Alfresco content hub.