Leveraging Master Data Management & Alfresco for Master Content Management

Enterprise content management has moved beyond departmental deployments. Alfresco is being deployed as an infrastructural technology by large and mid-sized global firms. The reasons for treating Alfresco as core infrastructure:

- The exponential growth of digital content by users
- The need to access this content within business processes
- The ability to allow users to access and collaborate on the content from various devices securely
- The storage of content for regulatory compliance and legal discovery. 

Organisations are also deploying Master Data Management solutions to provide key referential information for all aspects of their business such as as customer, product, employee, partner, citizen or government agency. This referential information can be used across all the systems for operational and collaborative purposes. It also provides the basis of delivering operational Business Intelligence (BI).

Based on their experience of implementing Alfresco for a number of financial services organisations, Zaizi will present how Alfresco has integrated with Master Data Management to provide a Master Content Management platform. This webinar will highlight the capabilities of Alfresco and Zaizi's expertise in delivering a content management service that delivers accurate information to users in the context of their need, irrespective of whether it's in an email message, a document, an image or a transaction. 

Speaker Details: Aingaran Pillai, CEO Zaizi