If you wish to understand or gain additional insights into: 

  • The limitations of a Shared Network Drive and Dropbox
  • How a content management platform can resolve those limitations
  • How Alfresco can help you do and share great work and future proof your content 
  • Learn how an ECM solution can be implemented in your organisation  

In this session, Enovation Solutions, Alfresco Partner will: 

  • Demonstrate how Alfresco can make your employees more productive, more connected and more engaged
  • Go through its architecture and the importance of open standards 
  • Outline the ease and implementation steps to introduce an ECM in your organisation, How Alfresco benefits end-users, IT and line of business 
  • Describe how other organisations use Alfresco 
  • The role of the local Alfresco Partner, Enovation Solutions

Further questions, please contact the Enovation team on

PH:+353 1 6024784