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Leveraging Alfresco Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Better WCM

Leading enterprises continuously strive to incorporate valuable third-party content into their Web content strategy in order to create the world's most engaging content and digital media for their websites and mobile apps. Examples include collaborating with design agencies, syndicating content from Reuters, AP, Getty Images, among many others, and working with specialized content contributors from around the world. 

Traditionally this process has been fraught with tedious manual process and fragile home-grown integrations. Alfresco Cloud and its hybrid architecture is a game changer! Alfresco Cloud is a powerful, standards-driven platform that enables you to easily and securely connect and collaborate with third parties in seamless ways never before possible. 
Join us for a one hour discussion that will include use cases, architecture, solutions and demonstrations on how Alfresco Cloud can propel your Web content and experience management solution to higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement.

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